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someone get this man a basin

The beginning almost turned me away, but with once the accompaniment came in the rest of the song is pretty sublime

LunarSpartan responds:

Thanks. Thanks for the feedback.

I enjoyed this one quite a bit, it gave a very nostalgic feeling. some parts dragged, but some parts were also very inspirational. it reminds me of an artist called Eskmo (you may like him actually) with its very surreal and unique use of strange instruments.
keep it up man

so ive been listening to a lot of your pieces today, and i found that you share the same love for complicity and layering that i do. i enjoy most of your work, and this particular piece to me sounded like you pulled everything that you practiced with from other pieces and really made it work in this piece, such as your rhythm, time signature changes (which i really enjoy btw), the beat, and the discordance (which has been a hit and miss in your other pieces, but for this one you really pulled it off). anyways, keep up the good work. im a new fan :D

Mrkapow responds:

This definitely has to be the best review I have gotten. Thank you so much for your understanding. It has definitely been a long journey. maybe this piece can be used as a pun, experimenting with a lot of different sounds. I'm really glad you appreciate it and its just good to hear that someone out there does. So thank you so much! =)

I enjoyed the atmosphere on this one, especially with how well it all complemented the piano. the only problem was at the end you needed a limiter, it started to fuzz out the audio (it might be just my headphones though)
i went ahead and scouted you, so you can expect more than 20 plays for your future uploads :D

OfBeauties responds:

Much thanks, MrCoolisimo. My speakers suck, so I can never tell if I need a limiter or if it's just the computer XD. I'll send the link around to a couple of my friends so they can see if they catch anything.

wow. damn interesting music youve got there

Tarteviant responds:

Thank you so much :)

its simple, but i thought it was really well put together. it's almost a gothic feel i get listening to it, even though its a seemingly casual tune, which is pretty neat

This is really nicely done. the only thing that bothered me was the sound that switched from my left and right ear at about 1:05, but everything else was well put together. Maybe in the future though you can have a less repetitive melody, it was really nice to listen to at first, but it did get a little boring even with the change in instruments. Speaking of which, you had a really nice choice in instruments. keep up the good work

Jonah-B responds:

Thank you for the feedback! :)

your beat was definitely on the right track, however i think you need some more to it so that its not so empty, yknow? try adding a simple melody in the background, that would do the trick

its a really cool heroic theme, im impressed. its a little on the repetitive side, but not terribly. i really like the techno sound that came in every now and then, im a little inspired in the creative use for it there :o

ashett responds:

Thank you seriously :D I thought that the electro components would add a little bit of a uniqueness to it. And yes, I know it's very repetitive, I just didn't know what to do next hah.

I'll be sure to remember this on future classical projects.

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