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5/5 but maybe next time actually incorporate a lamp as an instrument

Loathar responds:

shit how'd i miss that? good thought

someone get this man a basin

DAMN this is magical. You did a great job with this man ive listened like four times. How did you come up with the name? and is that you playing the sax cuz otherwise you did a great job making it sound real

Loathar responds:

Good to hear I've heard it so many times couldn't tell what to do with it.

The name just came to me, just went with it.
Sax is a vst, i'll give you more details in skype when I get to it

fantastic chords, good atmosphere. The only thing Id change is to add more to the melody, but still worth my five stars

Loathar responds:

thanks man that's why I work with you to achieve perfection

holy crap this is awesome, nice experimental sounding stuff. honestly best thing ive heard on newgrounds in a long while, it made it on my ipod for a regular jamming.

maybe the only thing id say is the part at about 2:00 ish where the notes are super syncopated is to make them a little quieter so when the other instruments come in it isnt detracting from them

otherwise HOTDAMN

Loathar responds:

Always fun to jam but being the best thing on newgrounds isn't saying much haha < you get me
Can't wait to get your Waltz done man I'm trying to figure out a suitable arrangement

i really like the part at 1:03, and i bet an accordion wouldve gone fantastic with this in case you do somethin like this again. everythings balanced really well, drums arent too distracting, electric piano isnt too loud in the higher notes, that sorta thing. nice work man

Loathar responds:

I feel ya I just really like experimenting with non-conventional stuff you know?You do, you are the king of that.
0:39 has to be my fav part of this piece also about the overall balance, I think the hihat could use some loving but overall sounds alright my ears aren't bleeding too much

makes me think of the main character from cowboy bebop. really cool instruments

Loathar responds:

Haven't seen that show yet but appreciate it
keep on composing man

The beginning almost turned me away, but with once the accompaniment came in the rest of the song is pretty sublime

LunarSpartan responds:

Thanks. Thanks for the feedback.

I enjoyed this one quite a bit, it gave a very nostalgic feeling. some parts dragged, but some parts were also very inspirational. it reminds me of an artist called Eskmo (you may like him actually) with its very surreal and unique use of strange instruments.
keep it up man

so ive been listening to a lot of your pieces today, and i found that you share the same love for complicity and layering that i do. i enjoy most of your work, and this particular piece to me sounded like you pulled everything that you practiced with from other pieces and really made it work in this piece, such as your rhythm, time signature changes (which i really enjoy btw), the beat, and the discordance (which has been a hit and miss in your other pieces, but for this one you really pulled it off). anyways, keep up the good work. im a new fan :D

Mrkapow responds:

This definitely has to be the best review I have gotten. Thank you so much for your understanding. It has definitely been a long journey. maybe this piece can be used as a pun, experimenting with a lot of different sounds. I'm really glad you appreciate it and its just good to hear that someone out there does. So thank you so much! =)

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